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Theory Test

If you are a learner driver you must take and pass your theory test before you book your practical test.


The theory test is made up of a multiple choice part and a hazard perception part. You need to pass both parts to pass it. Once you have passed the theory test you can then apply to take your practical driving test


The multiple choice part is delivered using a touch screen computer and the hazard perception part records your responses through the use of a computer mouse button. 
If you pass one part and fail the other you'll fail the whole test, and you'll need to take both parts again. 


Part one - multiple choice

Before the test starts you'll be given instructions on how the test works. 
You can also choose to go through a practice session of the multiple choice questions to get used to the layout of the test. At the end of the practice session the real test will begin. 
A question and several answer options will appear onscreen and you have to select the correct answer to the question by touching the screen. Some questions may require more than one answer. 
Some car and motorcycle multiple choice questions will be given as a case study. The case study will show a scenario that five questions will be based on. The subject of the scenario focuses on real life examples and experiences that drivers could come across when driving. 
You can navigate between questions and 'flag' questions that you want to come back to later in the test. After the multiple choice part you can choose to have a break of up to three minutes before the hazard perception part starts.

Time allowed 57 minutes

Passmark 43 out of 50

Useful Links and Information

Advice on preparing for your Theory Test

Practise multi choice questions online

The Highway Code - online version

Part two - hazard perception 


After the break you'll then be shown a short tutorial video clip about how the hazard perception part works. 
The hazard perception part is also delivered on a computer but you respond by clicking a button on the mouse. You'll be presented with a series of video clips which feature every day road scenes. In each clip there'll be at least one developing hazard, but one of the car/motorcycle clips will feature two developing hazards. 
To achieve a high score you'll need to respond to the developing hazard during the early part of its development. The maximum you can score on each hazard is five. 
You won't be able to review your answers to the hazard perception test; as on the road, you'll only have one chance to respond to the developing hazard.

14 video clips 15 developing hazards

Pass Mark 44 out of 75


At the end of the test 
When you have finished the test you may leave the examination room. Once you have left the room, you'll not be allowed to enter it again. You'll then be given your result by the test centre staff

You can find out more about the Hazard Perception Test here

Booking your Theory Test


Theory test appointments can be booked, and subject to three clear working days notice, be changed and cancelled using the Driving Standards Agency online booking service or the telephone. You can also download an application form and apply by post.


Before you can take your theory test you'll need to make sure you have a valid provisional driving licence, because you need to take this with you to the test. You can apply for a provisional driving licence from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The application form D1 can be obtained from your local Post Office. 

Once you have a valid provisional driving licence you can book your theory test. Waiting times vary from region to region, but the target is that 95 per cent of theory test candidates receive an appointment date within two weeks of their preferred date.


To book a theory test online you'll need: 
a valid UK driving licence 
a valid debit or credit card for payment (Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Visa Electron, Switch/Maestro and Solo cards are accepted) 
Click on the link below to book a theory test online

Book your theory test online

To book a theory test by phone you'll need: 
a valid UK driving licence 
a valid debit or credit card for payment (Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Visa Electron, Switch/Maestro and Solo cards are accepted) 
You can book a theory test over the phone using the numbers below, from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm except on Bank Holidays. 
Theory test booking line - 0300 200 1122


To book a theory test by post you'll need an application form. Application forms are available online or on request from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) booking line. Payment can be made by cheque or postal order, but cash payments aren't accepted

Download a theory test application form

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